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Paying by Electronic Banking

We prefer that you now make all payments to us by electronic banking.

To make a payment by electronic banking, then please send your payment to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society at:

Account Name:  Whitewater WineSoc

Sort Code:  30-91-31

Account Number:  01158564

Please include your surname and first initial as part of the reference.

Please note that if you pay the monthly tasting fee by electronic banking, then you still need to book your places by e-mail.

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting will take place at 8pm on Wednesday 14th February 2018 at our usual venue, The Raven Hotel.  Nomination Papers for Officers and Committee Members will be circulated with the February newsletter or you can request a Nomination Paper by contacting the Secretary, Keith Cooper.  If think you might be willing to join our committee, please first talk to your Chairperson, Margaret Steer, on 07534 247083 or e-mail her at

All Officers and Committee members must be proposed and seconded by other members.

Click here to view the 2017 AGM minutes

Help with pouring at tastings

Each month we need three or four volunteers to pour the wines at our tasting.  We have a loyal group of pourers who offer to help.   But it’s not fair that they have to do this too often.

For this reason, we are always keen to see other members take their turn at pouring.   If all of our members volunteered, then you’d each only have to pour once every two years!   So, don’t wait for Brian to ask you!   Go and see him at the start of the tasting and he will be very pleased to accept your help.   Thank you in anticipation.

Food Purchase & Preparation

Each month we ask for a volunteer to purchase and prepare the food to accompany our tasting wines.

The following list provides guidance regarding the items and quantities of food to be purchased for tastings attended by the following numbers:

Item 35 40 45 50
Large French bread sticks 4 5 6 7
Non crumbly cheese, e.g. Mature Cheddar, Leicester or Gloucester.  Total amount of: 1730g 2000g 2250g 2500g
Packs of water biscuits (plain, not flavoured, i.e. no garlic, onion etc) 2 3 3 4
Jar of olives (medium, black or green) 1 1 1 1

– Napkins (if not sufficient in bag); enough for all the attendees, plus speaker, plus about 8 extra for the bread basketsPlease check that there is sufficient of the following:

– Paper plates and dishes (if not sufficient in bag, usually 7 of each needed per tasting)

These are suggestions only and it is reasonable to vary them to suit the theme of a particular tasting.  The committee member responsible for food will let you know the approximate number in advance.


  1. The cost of the above will typically be around £30 to £40, depending upon numbers. This should be reclaimed from the Treasurer at the tasting on production of receipts, so please keep them.
  2. The room is available from 7pm. As there are no kitchen facilities, please slice the bread, drain the olives and cut up the cheese in advance (some shops will dice the cheese if you ask).
  3. It is a mandatory health and safety requirement that disposable gloves must be worn when preparing and serving the food. There should be a supply of gloves in the food bag – if not, please purchase and reclaim.
  4. For further advice or information, please contact Valerie Richardson on 01344 883381 or Click here to e-mail Valerie
Upcoming Events
  1. Wine Gems from Keith & Jim

    February 14 @ 7:45 pm - 10:00 pm
  2. Richard Bost, Wine Educator: Alternative Australia

    March 14 @ 7:45 pm - 10:00 pm
  3. Robert Boutflower, Tanners: The wines of Spain

    April 11 @ 7:45 pm - 10:00 pm
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