North Hampshire’s premier wine society

How to Renew

Members of The Whitewater Valley Wine Society are reminded that annual subscriptions become due at the AGM in February.  Members should renew their subscription no later than the date of the March tasting.  Your co-operation in renewing swiftly is appreciated.  The fee is currently £12.50 per year.

You can pay your renewal subscription by electronic banking (click below for details of how to do this).  If you use this method of payment, you do not need to complete the Membership Renewal Form.

You may also renew your subscription by paying the Treasurer when attending either the February or March tasting.

If you are unable to pay by either method above, then please download and complete the Membership Renewal Form.   Send it to the Society’s Membership Secretary with your subscription cheque made payable to Whitewater Valley Wine Society.    The address is shown on the form.

Please note that we do not accept credit/debit cards.

Click here to download the Membership Renewal Form

Click here for details of how to make payments electronically