We’re always pleased when our speakers give us good feedback.   Read some of their comments below.


Richard and Eka, Taste of Georgia

April 2024

This was our first presentation to Whitewater Valley Wine Society and what a delight it was. A friendly and fully engaged audience made us so welcome and really showed a genuine interest in both our presentation about Georgia and its winemaking heritage and in the Georgian wines tasted. This is a society who are clearly very well organised and serious about wine but who still have a great sense of fun and made our evening so enjoyable. We would love to present here again one day.


Alun Griffiths, Master of Wine – presented Loire wines

November 2023

I have been invited to speak to a number of wine societies over the past 30 years, and one which has always been special to me is the Whitewater Valley Wine Society, based in my local village.  Members are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extend a very courteous welcome. It’s a tribute to the excellence of the Society that I see many familiar faces every time I do a presentation, indicating great loyalty, (not to mention longevity!), among the membership. Testament to the quality of wine which they drink, perhaps!


Tony Cloke, European Sales Manager, Spy Valley Wines

September 2023

I very much enjoyed my time with the Whitewater Valley Wine Society. They were very engaged throughout the whole tasting and it was a pleasant and fun atmosphere throughout.


Heather Dougherty, Red White & Rosé, Wines of the Rhone Valley

June 2023

The Whitewater Valley Wine Society is a very well organised and most importantly a very welcoming group. I found the audience engaged and attentive – obviously enthusiastic about wine, but also interested in learning more about the Rhône Valley. It was a pleasure to present.
Sarah Ahmed “The Wine Detective”, Wines of Portugal
May 2023

Brilliantly organised, with the budget to showcase Portugal’s oft-overlooked premium wines from artisanal players, the reception was warm and attentive (for me and the wines!)  It’s always a pleasure to present for such a knowledgeable membership, who are also keen to explore off the beaten track.


Mimi Avery, Brand Ambassador, Avery’s Wine Merchants

April 2023

After a 7 year gap between visits I was delighted to be invited back to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society. The group were very attentive and informed questions made for a flowing evening. They are all very friendly, I even shared a portion of my journey back with one, which helped pass the time with the inevitable public transport delays!


Pierre Mansour, Head of Buying at The Wine Society

March 2023

It’s the members that make the Whitewater Valley Wine Society a special group. They share a love for wine and a desire to understand it more but with a focus on the joy wine can bring. The conversation and atmosphere was brilliant

Preet Sahota, Edgmond Wines

October 2022

As a first-time presenter for the Whitewater Valley Wine Society, I was immediately made welcome. It was an absolute pleasure to present to and get to know these wonderful wine enthusiasts.

Robert Boutflower, Tanners Wine Merchants

June 2022

Now into my third decade of occasional presentations to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society, it is always a pleasure to discuss wines with a relaxed, knowledgeable and invariably well-behaved group who still laugh at all my old jokes!

Nik Darlington, Pip of Manor Farm

May 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing our wines and stories with the Whitewater Valley Wine Society. Wine is just another drink without these shared experiences but elevated to something very special in good, like minded company and that is what the Whitewater Valley Wine Society has always offered.

Chris White, Ellis Wines

December 2021

I presented to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society at their ‘drinking with Dickens’ Christmas tasting, having previously presented a New Zealand tasting. It was an extremely fun evening with an engaging and well-informed group. Their members love of all things wine is clear to see, and it was a pleasure to share a glass with them. I hope to be able to come back again and share more wines from across the world

Tony Hill, Bordeaux and Beyond

October 2021

I just wanted to say how enjoyable it was last evening to again present some of our wines to the Whitewater Wine Tasting Society. The event was well organised, the venue excellent and your members both knowledgeable, attentive and most importantly — great company. A real pleasure and I look forward to returning sometime in the future.

Stuart Porter, Corney & Barrow

March 2020

What a blast! Insightful questions, discerning palates and a roomful of passionate wine lovers. A wonderful experience to share the wines I enjoy from Michiel Eradus, The Lane and Elephant Hill, in a well organised and relaxed setting. Thank you for inviting me, and even greater thanks for the welcome.

Gilbert Winfield, Association of Wine Educators

October 2019

It was a real pleasure to be invited again to Whitewater Valley Wine Society to present a wine tasting on the Southern Rhone. The group is one of the largest and most well-organised of the wine clubs I visit, and a bonus is that many of the members are well-versed in matters of wine, which makes the interaction more interesting for all. An appreciative and open minded society eager to broaden their wine experience. I hope to be invited again.

Simon Taylor, Stone Vine & Sun

March 2019

I always enjoy presenting to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society. The budget is generous, enabling me to show some really interesting wines. As a group they create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere – and they appear to really enjoy their wine!

Mark Bedford, Caviste

November 2018

The Whitewater Valley Wine Family – it seems less of a Society these days – welcomed Matt, our Caviste Newlyns manager, and myself for an evening of ‘Wine Legends’. I felt privileged to be able to show eight wines that meant a lot to me, because of the combination of quality and the story behind each wine. My personal achievement was that there were members’ orders for every wine that we tasted, a rare feat indeed! Thank you for inviting me back. Always good to see you again.”

Alun Griffiths, Master of Wine

October 2018

As always, it was a great pleasure to present to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society.  It was a privilege to show the wines of Burgundy to such an attentive and enthusiastic audience and I hope the Society continues to thrive for many more years.

Robbie Rugman, Premium Fine Wine Ambassador, Gallo Winery

September 2018

It was a pleasure presenting a selection of wines from Louis M. Martini, MacMurray and Orin Swift to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society. The interest and the questions asked about Californian wine, showed how engaged the society was and the bright future for Californian wine! I look forward to presenting to the society again in the future!

Victor Maguire, Association of Wine Educators

June 2018

I very much enjoyed presenting to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society and was made to feel particularly welcome. I was very pleased to answer some very interesting questions and I thought the group attentive and appreciative. I look forward to being with you all again.

Tony Cloke, Spy Valley Wines

May 2018

What a terrific bunch of wine lovers! It was a pleasure presenting the Spy Valley wines to a very friendly and engaged audience. Also delighted to meet so many Riesling fanatics!

Robert Boutflower, Tanners Wine Merchants

April 2018

This continues to be a welcoming, happy Society who listen attentively, sup steadily, engage enthusiastically, order generously and laugh at my jokes – what more could a wine peddler ask for?

Richard Bampfield, Master of Wine

January 2018

I very much enjoyed my evening with the Whitewater Valley Wine Society, well organised by Keith and efficiently marshalled by Jim. Highly convivial and a welcome reminder that wine appreciation and enjoyment go hand in hand!

Quentin Sadler, Wine Educator

November 2017

It was a great pleasure to present again to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society. They are a great crowd of people who seem to really enjoy wine, are interested and lively, ask intelligent questions and laugh at all my jokes. In fact they gave the impression that they enjoyed the tasting as much as I did.

Jane Sowter, Chateau Musar UK

October 2017

It has been 10 years since our last Chateau Musar tasting, then held at the community centre.  The venue is now The Raven Hotel, the organisation and whole ‘tasting operation’ is more professional as a result, but the essence and spirit of the Whitewater Valley Wine Society has thankfully not changed.  An enthusiastic, interested, attentive and friendly bunch of wine lovers.

Tom Ellis, First Class Products

September 2017

Thank you very much for inviting me to present at the Whitewater Valley Wine Society. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening with you all and it was wonderful to meet so many enthusiastic wine drinkers. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun which made for a lovely evening.

Sarah Ahmed, “The Wine Detective”

July 2017

What an absolute pleasure to present for the Whitewater Valley Wine Society – a brilliantly organised, welcoming and engaged group of open-minded wine lovers. Thank you for asking me.  I really enjoyed sharing my passion for Portuguese wine.

Robin McMillan, Chief Executive of The Wine Society

30th Anniversary Dinner – April 2017

What a pleasure and a privilege to be asked to speak at the Whitewater Valley Wine Society’s 30th Anniversary Dinner.  This was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with a genuinely passionate group of wine lovers that have perfected that delicate balance between serious learning and  enjoying wines and themselves, no mean feat! Many congratulations on a successful 30 years.

Tim North, Joie de Vin Ltd

March 2017

I always enjoy presenting our wines to wine societies. It is good to meet people who are really interested in wine and who take the time to enjoy it. Last night’s tasting at the Whitewater Valley Wine Society was a particular pleasure. Such a nice collection of people and so welcoming. Questions were well informed.  Everything was so well organised, it went like clockwork.  Thanks to Margaret, Keith. Liz and Jim for such an excellent evening. If you live in the area and you’re interested in wine you should think about joining.

Tim Syrad, Wine Educator

January 2017

It was a huge pleasure to present to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming making for a thoroughly enjoyable occasion. Very much my kind of Society with plenty of banter, informed questions and a desire to have a great time and learn about wine at the same time.

Victoria Ivanyushkina, General Wine Company

July 2016

It was a true pleasure to present our wines to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society. I could not have asked for a nicer group of people, whose enthusiasm and warmth was infectious.

Alex Wall, Corney & Barrow

June 2016

I wanted to send you a quick email this morning in order to thank you for the group’s hospitality last night.  The welcome was very open and it was a pleasure to chat to people who obviously enjoy their wine!

Richard Bost, Amethyst Wine

March 2016

I enjoyed the evening at the Whitewater Valley Wine Society very much. You have a knowledgeable and enthusiastic group and I welcomed all the feedback both during, and after, the presentation. I hope that the evening was a journey of discovery and education on these exciting new emergent regions for your members.

David Allen, Master of Wine, representing Coe Vintners

November 2015

Dealing with the Whitewater Valley Wine Society has been a joy from the outset. They are an organised and interested group who have been prepared to provide a realistic budget to allow me to show an interesting set of wines that they are clearly tasting and assessing with a view to purchasing. My brief was clearly laid out and gave me scope to challenge and excite with some high quality wines. I hope they enjoyed the tasting as much as I did!

Richard Bray, SWIG

October 2015

In the wake of my first tasting with the Whitewater Valley Wine  Society, I was left hoping that it would not be my last. With enthusiasm matched by their hospitality and curiosity, the relaxed atmosphere and keen questions combined to make for a brilliant evening. A real joy.

Vivienne Franks, Association of Wine Educators

September 2015

This was my first visit to the club, I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the group. All the members were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It was a real pleasure to spend the evening with so many appreciative ‘Amateurs du Vin’.

Gareth Maxwell, Ellis of Richmond

July 2015

This was the second time that I have presented to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society and both times the event was well organised from start to finish. The group are very friendly with a good level of knowledge across the board. I look forward to presenting to the group again soon. Thanks to Margaret, Keith and Jim.

Gilbert Winfield, Wine & Spirit Education Trust

April 2015

The Rhone tasting on April 8th that I presented was very well appreciated; I think the fact that we had some really exceptional wines, including Domaine Rostaing Cote Rotie, was helpful in this regard! The evening was authoritatively held to schedule by Keith and ‘Big Jim’, and I thank them for that. There was quite a lot of interest in the WSET, and I hope to hear from some of you about courses you might like to attend. Thank you for inviting me, and I very much hope to come again for another tasting.

Laurie Webster, CEO, Las Bodegas Ltd

October 2014

What a pleasure to present our wines to this lovely group of keen tasters; a very well organised society that meets in lovely surroundings and ensures everything is just right for the host. Rarely does one find such a happy combination of attentiveness and fun!

Robert Woodhead, Red Squirrel Wines

July 2014

I would like to pass on my gratitude to everybody who attended the evening. The group are fun and lively, ask intriguing questions and genuinely seem interested in everything I had to say about the exciting world of rare and native grape varieties and forgotten wine regions. Everybody associated with this club should be extremely proud of such a long running and well attended society. I had a fantastic evening.

Richard Girling, John E Fells

April 2014

I was very happy to host the Torres tasting for your Society.  It’s not often that I present the three continents side by side so it made for a very interesting tasting.  It is wonderful to see that the Whitewater Valley Wine Society still getting a healthy attendance after 27 years, the group were very enthusiastic and it was a pleasure to talk about the wines from Torres.

Mark Ferguson, Les Caves de Pyrene

March 2014

We had a wonderful evening – and may I thank you, and everybody at the Whitewater Valley Wine Society, for your hospitality.  It was a fantastic turnout and I think the wines shown were well received!  The wine orders received from your members certainly seem to suggest that.

Richard Bost, Wine Educators International

October 2013

I enjoyed my visit to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society immensely and am grateful to Margaret and Keith for the invitation.  The Society proved to be a lively and knowledgeable group who provided plenty of feedback.  Jim’s shouts of “order” were much appreciated when the group became a little noisy, as were the many comments and compliments that I received from various members after the presentation. I very much hope that I will get a chance to visit this society again in the future!

Susan Hulme, Master of Wine

September 2013

I thought the group were great fun, lively and keen to learn and kept in good order by Jim. Please pass on my thanks for making me very welcome and the lovely comments I received afterwards.

Charles Metcalfe, Broadcaster & Wine Critic

June 2013

I enjoyed everything about the evening except the drive home.  A very hospitable reception, a lively crowd of members and a good level of knowledge and enthusiasm, well-controlled by Jim’s powerful shouts of ‘Order!’.  May the Whitewater Valley Wine Society flourish for many years to come!

Linda Simpson, Association of Wine Educators

March 2013

A thoroughly rewarding evening at the Raven Hotel in Hook, presenting Australian Wines to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society.  An active and strongly supported wine group, who were enthusiastic and involved from the start, which made my job even more enjoyable and rewarding.  Thanks to Keith Cooper who organised the evening with precision and kept me on time – just about!  Jim King takes no messing as the ‘master of ceremonies’ and kept order throughout.   A great bunch of wine enthusiasts and a pleasure to tutor.

Wishing you all another happy 25 Years of tasting.


Tim Sykes, Head of Buying at The Wine Society

January 2013

It was a pleasure to present a selection of wines from The Wine Society’s Exhibition range to the Whitewater Valley Wine Society members.  They are an enthusiastic group who clearly enjoy their wines and who ask very pertinent questions.  I was delighted to discover that so many of those present last night are also members of The Wine Society and, judging by the various people who came up for a chat afterwards, there will be a few more in due course!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to address the Whitewater Valley Wine Society.

Warren Adamson, Craggy Range, New Zealand

November 2012

I have to say I do a number of these evenings and the Whitewater Valley Wine Society has a great group of enthusiastic members.

John Power, Europe’s Finest Wines

June 2012

Thank you to the members of the Whitewater Valley Wine Society for your welcome, your hospitality, your interest and for a lively and fun evening.  It is always a great pleasure to present to a knowledgeable and appreciative group and I very much hope to have the great pleasure to visit you all again in the not too distant future.

Tony Hill, Bordeaux and Beyond

January 2012

My colleague John and I have done many Society tasting evenings over the past few years.  We can honestly say that we can well understand the reasons why the Whitewater Valley Wine Society is such a success.  It is the type of wine appreciation group that we would be most happy to belong to.  Please thank your members for their participation during the evening and their interest in our personal selection of French wines.

Matt Sutherland, Dog Point Vineyard, New Zealand  

November 2011

Presenting to your Society was an absolute pleasure, thank you for the invitation. What a great group of people you have down there, it was really refreshing, a lot of fun.

Michael Broadbent, Master of Wine

Annual Dinner

I must confess that because of your Society’s organisation, your thoughtful Chairperson and niceness of your members and guests, I really enjoyed attending your annual dinner.  So thanks for asking me.