Tasting Reports

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Tasting Report April 2024 Richard & Eka, Taste of Georgia

Tasting Report March 2024 Brian Davis, Association of Wine Educators, Southern Italy

Tasting Report February 2024 Members’ Choices

Tasting Report January 2024 Nicholas Corfe, Go Brazil Wines

Tasting Report December 2023 Jane Sowter, Chateau Musar

Tasting Report November 2023 Alun Griffiths, Master of Wine. Wines of the Loire Valley

Tasting Report October 2023 Ethan Harvey, Caviste, Premium Reds – Comparing the Hemispheres

Tasting Report September 2023 Tony Cloke, Spy Valley Wines

Tasting Report July 2023 Preet Sahota, Boutique Wines of the New World

Tasting Report June 2023 Heather Dougherty, Wines of the Rhone Valley

Tasting Report May 2023 Sarah Ahmed “The Wine Detective”, Wines of Portugal

Tasting Report April 2023 Mimi Avery, Averys Own Label Wines

Tasting Report March 2023 Pierre Mansour, Head of Buying at The Wine Society. Rioja

Tasting Report February 2023 Society Members’ Choices

Tasting Report January 2023 Craig Mitchell, Chateau Ste Michelle, Washington State, USA

Tasting Report November 2022 Robbie Rugman, Cambridge Wine Merchants, Australia vs The Old World

Tasting Report October 2022 Preet Sahota, Edgmond Wines, Boutique Wines of South Africa

Tasting Report September 2022 Simon Taylor, Stone Vine & Sun, Languedoc & Roussillon

Tasting Report July 2022 Dan Farrell-Wright, Wickhams, Wines of Italy

Tasting Report June 2022 Robert Boutflower, Tanners Wine Merchants, Sparkling Wine

Tasting Report May 2022 Nik Darlington, Pip of Manor Farm

Tasting Report April 2022 Aaron Irons, Condor Wines in association with Auriol Wines

Tasting Report March 2022 Tim Syrad, Wines of Portugal

Tasting Report December 2021 Chris White of Ellis, Drinking with Dickens!

Tasting Report November 2021 Lynda Mellor, South Africa

Tasting Report October 2021 Tony Hill, Bordeaux and Beyond

Tasting Report September 2021 Mark Bedford, Caviste, Favourite Lockdown Wines

Tasting Report July 2021 Visit to Greyfriars Vineyard

Tasting Report March 2020 Stuart Porter, Corney & Barrow, Australia and New Zealand

Tasting Report February 2020 Society members Alastair, Jim and Keith. Favourite Wine Gems

Tasting Report January 2020 Tim Syrad, Ribera and Rueda, Spain

Tasting Report December 2019 Christmas tasting, members of our Society

Tasting Report November 2019 Janina Doyle, Vina Ventisquero

Tasting Report October 2019 Gilbert Winfield AWE, Southern Rhone

Tasting Report September 2019 Food and Wine at The Falcon

Tasting Report July 2019 Leah Seresin, Seresin Estate Winery, New Zealand

Tasting Report June 2019 Jo Locke, Master of Wine, The Wine Society

Tasting Report, May 2019 Richard Girling, Fine Wine Director, Fells

Tasting Report, April 2019 Nik Darlington, Red Squirrel Wine, Azores & NW Spain

Tasting Report, March 2019 Simon Taylor, Stone Vine & Sun, Argentina & Chile

Tasting Report, February 2019 Jim King & Keith Cooper, New World Gems

Tasting Report, January 2019 Serhat Narsap, Sonvino

Tasting Report, December 2018 Society Members’ Choices

Tasting Report, November 2018 Mark Bedford, Caviste

Tasting Report, October 2018 Alun Griffiths, Master of Wine, Burgundy

Tasting Report, September 2018 Robbie Rugman, Gallo Winery, Fine Wines of California

Tasting Report, June 2018 Victor Maguire, Wine Educator, Bordeaux

Tasting Report, May 2018 Tony Cloke, Spy Valley Wines

Tasting Report, April 2018 Robert Boutflower, Tanners Wine Merchants

Tasting Report, March 2018 Richard Bost, Wine Educator, Alternative Australia

Tasting Report, February 2018 Society Members Jim King & Keith Cooper, Wine Gems for 2018

Tasting Report, January 2018 Richard Bampfield, Master of Wine

Tasting Report, December 2017 Society Members’ Choices

Tasting Report, November 2017 Quentin Sadler, Wine Educator, Hidden Corners of Italy

Tasting Report, October 2017 Jane Sowter, Chateau  Musar UK

Tasting Report, September 2017 Tom Ellis, First Class Products, New World Cabernet & Shiraz

Tasting Report, July 2017 “The Wine Detective” Sarah Ahmed, Portugal

Tasting Report, June 2017 Chris Horridge, Altus Wine, South Africa

Tasting Report, May 2017 Simon & James Hawkins, Hawkins Bros. Fine English Wines

Tasting Report, April 2017 Chris White, Ellis Wines, New Zealand

Tasting Report 30th Anniversary Dinner, April 2017  Robin McMillan, Chief Executive of The Wine Society

Tasting Report, March 2017 Tim North, Joie de Vin Ltd, Loire

Tasting Report, February 2017 Jim King & Keith Cooper, Wine Gems for 2017

Tasting Report, January 2017 Tim Syrad, Wine Educator & Tour Guide, Sicily

Tasting Report, December 2016 Society Members’ Choices

Tasting Report, November 2016 Duncan Ross, Berkmann Wine Cellars, Argentina

Tasting Report, Fine Wine Evening 2016 Simon Taylor, Stone Vine & Sun

Tasting Report, October 2016 Mark Bedford, Caviste, “Why Wine?” A kaleidoscope journey

Tasting Report, September 2016 Neil Courtier, Grape Sense, Chile

Tasting Report, July 2016 The General Wine Company, Portugal

Tasting Report, June 2016 Alex Wall, Corney & Barrow, The Lane Winery Australia

Tasting Report, May 2016 Esme Johnstone, FromVineyardsDirect, Bordeaux

Tasting Report, April 2016 Stephanie Barlow, Berry Bros. & Rudd, Beaujolais Crus

Tasting Report, March 2016 Richard Bost, Amethyst Wine, New Latitude Wines

Tasting Report, February 2016 Jim King & Keith Cooper, Gems of the New World

Tasting Report, January 2016 Torquil Jack, Carte-Du-Vin, Cool Climate Wines

Tasting Report, December 2015 Society Members’ Choices

Tasting Report, November 2015 David Allen, Master of Wine, Coe Vinters, Piedmont

Tasting Report, October 2015 Richard Bray, SWIG, Southern France

Fine Wine Evening, October 2015 Mimi Avery, Averys of Bristol

Tasting Report, September 2015 Vivienne Franks, Association of Wine Educators, Virginia, USA

Tasting Report, July 2015 Gareth Maxwell, Ellis of Richmond, Spain

Tasting Report, June 2015 Keith Cooper, Society Secretary, Champagne

Tasting Report, May 2015 Mark Bedford, Caviste, Burgundy & Beyond

Tasting Report, April 2015 Gilbert Winfield, Wine & Spirit Education Trust, Rhone reds

Tasting Report, March 2015 Annabel Virtue, Bibendum, New Zealand

Tasting Report, February 2015 Jim King & Keith Cooper, South Africa

Tasting Report, January 2015 Rebecca Dixon, Rebby Taylor Wines, Emilia Romagna