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The Team

All of the activities of the Whitewater Valley Wine Society are coordinated by the Committee, which is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.   We are very grateful for their help and willingness to get involved.

Keith Cooper

Keith Cooper – Secretary

Keith joined the Society in the mid 1990s. Following an initial year as Treasurer, he soon took on the role of Secretary, a position which he has now held for 15 years. Keith’s main responsibilities are to organise the programme of tastings and to maintain the website. Keith and his wife Liz have visited many of the world’s wine regions. His favourite destinations are New Zealand and South Africa’s Cape. However, it is the wines of Bordeaux which he enjoys most.

Keith was co-opted as Chair of the Society in October 2020.

The rest of the team……

Treasurer:  Ian Johnson

Committee Members:   Nesta Downey, Richard Ford, Clive Gibbons, Barbara Jones.   Andy Shadbolt was co-opted to the Committee in October 2020.

Upcoming Events
  1. Annual General Meeting

    February 10, 2021 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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